• On September 19th, Clark Construction Group launched its 2019-2020 San Francisco Strategic Partnership Program (SPP).


    The eight-month course, which is offered at no cost to local small business owners, provides comprehensive construction management and business skills training. This year, 24 local small business owners and executives are enrolled and taking the next step toward smart, sustainable growth.


    “Clark understands that technical assistance is a critical component of small business development.  We strive to give San Francisco small businesses the support and training they need to take their firms to the next level, as well as present them with opportunities on our jobsites that will enable them to grow, hire additional employees, take on more complex jobs, and be in a position to give back to our community,” said Marivic Bamba Chennault, Clark’s director of community relations and small business development who oversees Strategic Partnership Program in San Francisco.

  • In an effort to share their knowledge in regards to self-promotion of businesses, internet marketing agency, fishbat, shares several insightful tips on how construction companies can utilize digital marketing.


    In today’s modern age, social media marketing has taken to new heights, expanding digital media further than it has ever gone.


    Traditional means for content distribution have been outdated and traded in for newer and faster channels. Free outlets, such as social media platforms, are reaching broader audiences in unforeseen ways, overall benefitting both small and large companies alike.

  • One of the main things organisations struggle with is understanding the positions in Scrum, namely the Product Owner. The Product Owner is one of three roles in Scrum, the other two being the Development Team and Scrum Master. The Product Owner is crucial to the success of Scrum and in the end its overall efficiency. Here, Agile consulting services experts, Zen Ex Machina, will help walk you through what it means to be a Product Owner.