• Behring Capital, a national leader in EB-5 immigration-enhanced real estate investments, with over $600 million in projects in progress, announced its Legacy Fund, a first-of-its-kind dynamic EB-5 fund that enables the EB-5 investor to customize their own EB-5 risk and return profile with the ultimate goal of creating generational wealth for its investors by building a portfolio of high value multifamily apartments in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. 


    “EB-5 Investors have become far more sophisticated and we designed a fund that served their needs,” says Colin Behring, the CEO at Behring Companies, a California-based real estate development and private equity fund manager and USCIS approved EB-5 regional center.


    “We took the same high-quality residential apartment buildings, designed better protections and added customizable investment options that gave back some control of their future. Other EB-5 groups lump all their investors together, treat every country the same, and force-feed them a one-size-fits-all offering.  They sell it by pretending that the low returns equates to low risk when it truly might not be. We do things differently.”

  • Fund Duel™, a fundraising platform that promotes charities and raises funds through gamifying social media challenges, is partnering with Delaware School for the Deaf and The Jr. National Association of the Deaf in a campaign that will benefit ten U.S. schools for the deaf. The campaign titled, Let’s Raise Funds for Schools for the Deaf, creates fun competition between the schools to see who can raise the most money for programs that will support various initiatives through their schools.